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Purnesh Dev Nikhanj is an international award-winning photographer, architect, screen-writer, and mixed-media artist based out of Chandigarh. He is the only photographer to have won the Trends Excellence Award for Architectural photography twice and a silver spot at PX3, Paris. He has closely worked with international and acclaimed design practices like Woha, Blocher Partners, MMoser, Mindspace architects, Studio Ardete, etc. He draws from deep psychological interests to represent space in various contexts. His forte lies in experimenting with illusions, patterns, and abstract perspectives for storytelling.
His personal work is majorly in the field of architectural and landscape photography and video-making. In all his signature series, such as Lost in Paradox, Beyond, Child's play, etc. he explores psychological, philosophical, and existential ideas. To find out more about the awards and publications, please click here.



Photography is about capturing the right light from the right place to get the perfect play of lines with light and shade. It is to freeze the unseen connections between different elements in space.  While shooting a building, I first comprehend the design intent of the architect and then apply my vision to make it permeate into the photographs. Architectural photography is a craft made to bring out the soul of the design.

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