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  Purnesh Dev Nikhanj is an international and national award winning architectural photographer. Born and brought up in Chandigarh, he pursued his architectural education at Chandigarh College of Architecture. In 2009 for his internship with Architektengruppe Eggert and Partner, Stuttgart, he travelled to Germany and extensively captured European architecture. As a trained architect, Purnesh is well versed with the vocabulary of design in architecture and interiors, understanding the ambience of the built environment and the designer’s concept in depth. At the age of 22, he was the youngest Indian to win the silver spot at the international “Prix de la photographie, Paris (PX3)” 2010 awards. He is also the youngest photographer across India to have won the Architectural photography award - Visual design at the Trends Excellence Awards 2016. Held by Home and Design Trends magazine annually, the awards honour the best talent in the design industry. He was also given a commendation in the Interiors photography category. Over the years he has been featured in many international architectural websites, books and magazines. To find out more about the awards and publications, please click here.



Photography is about capturing the right light from the right place to get the perfect play of lines with light and shade. It is to freeze the unseen connections between different elements in space.  While shooting a building, I first comprehend the design intent of the architect and then apply my vision to make it permeate into the photographs. Architectural photography is a craft made to bring out the soul of the design.